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Advertising Choice: Native Advertising

Native advertising is an important marketing choice in every properly setup marketing ecosystem. It is always important to diversify outside the walled gardens and the appearance of your ads within a trusted environment is key to your brand success. We use the latest native advertising formats and appropriately leverage them to meet your campaign goals at any stage of the ...

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Finding Clarity Amidst Chaos

We are here to help your brand understand, embrace, and leverage the changes to the eCommerce industry. We will bring clarity amidst the chaos to boost your paid search revenue and convert more customers.  Paid search revenue surged 101% at the height of the pandemic. What will be the lasting impact of the most volatile year since the dawn of digital marketing? Here’s a ...

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Tactical ROI and Strategic ROI

The difference between Tactical ROI and Strategic ROI is fundamental: Tactical ROI: The return on investment for a specific action or campaign: it asks what was the ROI for that specific task. Strategic ROI: The return on investment from overall approaches: it asks what is the business return from an overall approach. It is easy for an action to have a very good Tactical ...

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Premature campaign termination

Many clients think that with all the tools available to marketers, that developing a successful campaign is easy. Just target the right folks on Facebook, create a pretty ad, and, voila, sales will start pouring into the store. This is far from the reality of cultivating a campaign that converts. Because many clients have an unrealistic notion of what goes ...

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