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Harness the power and manage the risks of social media using a planned, creative approach.

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Social media has become incredibly popular with consumers and rightly so! For businesses, social media marketing offers a great opportunity to use fans as ambassadors who share your content and recommend your business at a low cost. So it makes perfect sense that many companies are using social media tactically by posting updates to Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and Twitter.

But few have a social media strategy that helps them use social media to support their business goals. Our experience is that social media works best when you have a more structured approach that’s part of an integrated digital communications strategy.

Create a winning Social Media Marketing strategy

You will have noticed that social media changes fast and you need to know the techniques which work best on each social network. There are plenty of self-proclaimed ‘social media gurus’ who will offer to help through their blogs.

But often, the so-called social media guru’s experience is limited to promoting themselves and their blogs, which is quite different from promoting a startup or established business.

Our approach to Social Media strategy first involves auditing your social media marketing to identify improvements. Then, we structure a plan to take control of the opportunities and threats of social media. And last, we implement the latest best practices on all social media networks.

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