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Paid Media

Increase online reach and awareness using targeted paid media. Use best practices to improve your ROI.

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Although organic search and social media are really appealing for gaining visibility and traffic online at a low-cost, they are often lacking in control and fiercely competitive.

What’s more, the big-six platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube are looking to monetize their platforms, such that they are becoming ‘pay-to-play’ if you want to maximize visibility and response.

We believe that to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing, all businesses should review and analyze the paid media options available.

Create a Winning Paid Media Strategy

The ‘big 6 digital marketing advertising platforms’ have now all established comprehensive advertising options which enable sophisticated targeting for businesses and their agencies to exploit.

But paid media can be bewildering because of all the best practices and options available as new features are added with ‘cool, but confusing’ names, and they are often tweaked regularly. Our service includes best practices for paid media including behavioral retargeting to encourage site visitors to return to your site. We also assess affiliate marketing potential for transactional e-commerce sites using affiliate networks, social media advertising, and programmatic advertising.

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PPC (Paid Per Click) campaigns are part of the paid media channel. Here is a fun video introduction to the fundamentals of PPC we use to educate our entry-level clients. We know this is very beginner-level, but we used this to communicate basics to our small-business clients when we first started and we hate to see good content go to waste, so here is a good intro:

Remarketing campaigns are also part of paid media marketing channel. Here is a fun video introduction to the fundamentals of remarketing.