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Attention Interactive, Inc develops digitally-driven B2C advertising campaigns that reach and engage your highest-value consumers. Our experience driving considered purchases in B2B and B2C markets informs our understanding of considered consumer buying – and we regularly apply these insights to consumer categories like the insurance industry, energy, and finance.


We’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the engaged buyer – a consumer who has something valuable at stake and wants to know they’re making the best buying decision.

Our B2C marketing approach brings deep insights from consumer research together with real-time digital data, so campaigns are tuned to actual buying behavior on the fly.


While every campaign is different, we base all work on our discoveries and proprietary methods we engineered and bundled into what we call Attention Ecosystem™. Attention Ecosystem™ creates economies of scale in digital marketing, reduces the costs, and accelerates interest, customer engagement, and adoption of your product or solution.


All the technology and all the strategy won’t help without purposeful creative. That’s because, at its heart, marketing still depends on great stories that tap into emotions to create unexpected, delightful experiences. We work hard to identify the hidden truths that spark these moments and use all the digital channels available as our canvas for well-told brand stories that effectively engage your buyers.


From the start, we explore analytic and data strategies to optimize performance and support learning. We develop ongoing campaign reporting. Leverage campaign-generated data to increase relevance across a range of campaign platforms. Develop test-and-learn campaigns, and provide financial and attribution analyses, that help drive the best performance from a campaign investment.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 companies and small innovative startups.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 firms and innovative startups.

The largest insurance company in the world maintains aggressive revenue goals thanks to elite level digital performance.


Revenues attributed to digital

Innovative baby crib startup grows to $300 million evaluation due to perfectly executed direct to consumer digital model.



$5 billion-dollar company outsmarts its smaller competitors in their own game and dominates 1st page of Google – for free.


Partnership with Attention

Digital solutions for the USA’s most influential civil rights organization fighting for social change, led by legendary Jesse Jackson.


Increase in traffic

$6+ billion financial mortgage giant with probably the largest digital marketing budget in the history of financial services.

± $2 Million

Paid Search/Per Month

Small Serbian energy firm completely dominates Serbian Internet and lead generation for green energy – in less than 8 months!


New users per month

Swim with sharks for less!

Driving Growth

Our core customer is a business who prior to coming to us has worked with multiple agencies and has not experienced proper levels of growth. We pride ourselves on driving growth for established businesses using industry-leading digital marketing strategies. Our client base experiences meaningful and sustainable levels of traffic, lead, and sales growth.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

– Bruce Lee

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∗ The performance data collected across 100+ campaigns in 30+ industries, verified by Google, Facebook and other major Internet platforms, shows that Attention Ecosystem™ methodology delivers the top 1% return on advertising spend among all digital marketing agencies in California. Schedule a fact-based, real-data-supported demo today and compare your advertising data with the performance of our clients. We deliver genuine expertise, best-fit solutions, and sustained results for your company’s growth. Limited seats are available for the journey.