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Our work has generated billions in new sales and improved the career paths of executives who discovered us. Even in the most challenging categories, many of our clients have experienced transformational growth.

We generate billions in new sales. Few of our clients experienced transformational growth.

Experimental Projects

Even though the core of our business is digital solutions for mid-size and large enterprises, sometimes we take smaller projects to explore other industries, meet amazing people and help them scale their ideas on the Internet.

Los Angeles Lakers 2X NBA Champion: Sasha Vujačić

We developed an award-winning digital presence and marketing strategy for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Sasha Vujačić. Sasha’s marketing ecosystem won all possible industry awards as the best digital for individual NBA players. Sasha’s website became a new benchmark on how digital should be done for pro athletes.

Since his retirement, Sasha has not maintained his digital presence which is unfortunate as the level of digital innovation Saša started, cemented his legacy of excellence in whatever he does.

Donald Trump’s ex-wife: Marla Maples

Marla wanted to create a digital marketing ecosystem for her entrepreneurial ideas under her brand. Marla enthusiastically created appropriate content in the fields of music, health, wellness, and philanthropy. The content was optimized for search engines to bring maximum visibility to Marla’s business partners. The type and volume of content weren’t enough to bring the volume of visitors to justify digital efforts, so Marla moved on. Marla was a wonderful person to work with and we wish her the best in future digital attempts. We love Marla.

Serbian Businessman and Philanthropist: Boris Vukobrat

Mr. Vukobrat is a well-known businessman in South-Central Europe. He devoted a lot of his time and resources to philanthropy and established the non-profit Peace and Crises Management Foundation. We developed a digital presence for his foundation and digitally promoted a tremendous amount of ideas, publications, and meetings financed by Mr. Vukovrat to bring peace to ex-Yugoslavia.  We loved working with Mr. Vukobrat, learning from him, and visiting him in France and Belgrade. His success and class-act make him a perfect role model for the next generation.

Amazing Natural Food Producer: Rajska Bašta

We have taken on the endeavor of helping Rajska Basta find a strategic digital path to grow its revenues. Rajska Basta’s advanced digital story and brand capabilities are reflected on its website RajskaBasta.rs. which also lists their unique product line.

Rajska Basta’s offers unique, high-quality products, produced 100% naturally and in connection with nature. We are rapidly learning about the brand and its offerings, and seeking practical ways to help them break through the clutter to grow their sales.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 companies and small innovative startups.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 firms and innovative startups.

The largest insurance company in the world maintains aggressive revenue goals thanks to elite level digital performance.


Revenues attributed to digital

Innovative baby crib startup grows to $300 million evaluation due to perfectly executed direct to consumer digital model.



$5 billion-dollar company outsmarts its smaller competitors in their own game and dominates 1st page of Google – for free.


Partnership with Attention

Digital solutions for the USA’s most influential civil rights organization fighting for social change, led by legendary Jesse Jackson.


Increase in traffic

$6+ billion financial mortgage giant with probably the largest digital marketing budget in the history of financial services.

± $2 Million

Paid Search/Per Month

Small Serbian energy firm completely dominates Serbian Internet and lead generation for green energy – in less than 8 months!


New users per month

Swim with sharks for less!

Driving Growth

Our core customer is a business who prior to coming to us has worked with multiple agencies and has not experienced proper levels of growth. We pride ourselves on driving growth for established businesses using industry-leading digital marketing strategies. Our client base experiences meaningful and sustainable levels of traffic, lead, and sales growth.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

– Bruce Lee

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