There is a way to avoid paying per click and pay per impression costs which we sometimes add to our marketing mix. This method provides additional exposure in overlooked channels and helps with overall SEO.

This method is called classified advertising. These are ads you see in newspapers and print media, but can also be found in online magazines and news portals. We leverage these digital ads to bring you results from the corners of the Internet that otherwise, you wouldn’t be present in. These ads are cheaper than paying for clicks. Some competitive industries like legal may pay up to $40 per click for PPC. Online classified ads are free and we can post thousands of them for a low monthly fee.

We sometimes include classified ads marketing in promotion strategy as a “side-channel” as these ads are published within 24 hours and give immediate exposure and backlinks for SEO. People look at classified ads with the intention to buy something.

Published On: March 31st, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing /

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