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Very few B2B marketing campaigns bring positive ROI.  In fact, almost all efforts lose money after employee salaries and agency fees are added
to the ROI calculation. Until now. Welcome to Attention B2B Ecosystem™.

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Attention B2B Ecosystem™ Building Blocks

How Attention B2B Ecosystem™ Works

B2B Marketing Has Changed Forever

The ecosystem consists of a mix of digital building blocks. Each building block generates leads and sales for your business directly or indirectly.

Each building block depicted above is the actual book written by one of our collaborators. Getting familiar with each channel (book) is part of the educational onboarding process for our clients.

Traditional promotional techniques will only get today’s B2B marketer so far. B2B is different from B2C.  Attention B2B Ecosystem™ will enable you to discover, implement and profit from the many cutting-edge B2B tactics which create long-term revenues.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 companies and small innovative startups.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 firms and innovative startups.

The largest insurance company in the world maintains aggressive revenue goals thanks to elite level digital performance.


Revenues attributed to digital

Innovative baby crib startup grows to $300 million evaluation due to perfectly executed direct to consumer digital model.



$5 billion-dollar company outsmarts its smaller competitors in their own game and dominates 1st page of Google – for free.


Partnership with Attention

Digital solutions for the USA’s most influential civil rights organization fighting for social change, led by legendary Jesse Jackson.


Increase in traffic

$6+ billion financial mortgage giant with probably the largest digital marketing budget in the history of financial services.

± $2 Million

Paid Search/Per Month

Small Serbian energy firm completely dominates Serbian Internet and lead generation for green energy – in less than 8 months!


New users per month

Swim with sharks for less!

Increase your revenue with ATTENTION

Most companies have a massive opportunity to grow, but they also have tremendous competition. Discover how our award winning team, advanced AI technology, and proven strategies can help your brand grow.

“Combining our methods our expert digital marketing team gives your business an unfair advantage over your competition. As a leader in SEO, PPC, social, marketplaces, and web design services, our firm prides itself on driving qualified traffic, converting visitors, and using cutting-edge technology measuring effectiveness to ultimately deliver results for our clients.”

Ben Armstrong

Director of Client Services

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∗ The performance data collected across 100+ campaigns in 30+ industries, verified by Google, Facebook and other major Internet platforms, shows that Attention Ecosystem™ methodology delivers the top 1% return on advertising spend among all digital marketing agencies in California. Schedule a fact-based, real-data-supported demo today and compare your advertising data with the performance of our clients. We deliver genuine expertise, best-fit solutions, and sustained results for your company’s growth. Limited seats are available for the journey.