Over 50% of people who call us make this mistake. Entrepreneurs have build websites themselves so it is understandable why they were eager to buy some traffic and send it to their website which was not designed to convert. But, many websites were done by “expert agencies” out there that haven’t built websites for conversions and we feel they should have known better.

People pay for Google Ads or Facebook Ads or have “social media expert” send traffic to their useless website. Useless websites have wrong content in the wrong places and fail to connect to visitors.  Often, ads people click on are most interesting than websites these ads take them to. These useless websites fail to communicate the value of the service or product to the visitor.

When this happens, the visitor clicks the back button, goes back to Google and runs another search, and finds a competitor. The useless website just cost you the cost of the click you paid for, the money you paid your “social media expert” and then you say “digital does not work.”

Most useless websites have boring content about legendary founders and resumes of people who started the company, history of business, and biographies of other team members.

Sending money to useless website just wastes money.

Published On: March 10th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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