The most common mistake on the Internet that companies make. They build a website that fails to connect with the visitor. This is why we call it useless – because it failed to connect with the visitor. We don’t call it useless because of bad design. There are websites on the Internet that are poorly designed – and still make millions because they connect to the visitor. A website that fails to connect with the visitor is a website that fails to build trust. It fails to communicate the value of the service or product to the visitor.

So what happens when your website failed you in all steps mentioned above? The visitor leaves, go back to Google and runs another search, and finds your competitor. You just lost advertising money you thought you “invested” into your marketing.

So, how do you find useless websites on the Internet? Easy, they are all over the Internet.

Useless websites are full of boring content about the history of the business, boring bios about who works at the company, etc. Photos, videos and product, and service descriptions focus on the company and how great it is – instead of focusing on the client and what your service can do for the client.

Useless business websites are all over the Internet and they always never concentrate on the customer. They fail to mention the transformative benefits of the product or service offering. Sending traffic to a useless website just burns your marketing budget and you should stop doing it. Do not spend your advertising and marketing dollars until you are certain that your website effectively converts traffic.


Published On: March 8th, 2021 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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