To get a digital marketing campaign to perform and deliver educated, qualified leads and a return on investment requires a skilled team with specialist knowledge. Here is the list of key skills needed for success:

Digital Marketing Strategist

The role of this person is to identify the value proposition for your business.  After all, parties have agreed on the new value proposition, this person’s job is to communicate the value to the target market and then put appropriate marketing material in front of the right prospects. The work of this person delivers a measured return on investment for clients.

Digital Content Writer

The role of this person is to write digital content that converts website visitors into warm, qualified leads. For this role, we advise clients to seek candidates with a track record in and enthusiasm for your industry and hire them, full time, in-house as content will need to be produced on regular basis as part of your long-term digital strategy.

Digital Designer

Not just any designer, but a person who knows how people use websites and landing pages – inside out. This person must understand that it is content and not a design that leads the project and motivates the website user to flow through the conversion funnel.

Website Programmer

This is an experienced programmer who writes beautiful code, following Google Guide to Search Engine Optimisation. The programmer knows how to write websites for both search engines and for people.

Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

This is a specialist who knows that content and user’s digital experience bring search engine results (not keyword manipulation). This person also needs to be able to run search engine reports and understand metrics and analysis.

Digital Advertising Specialist

This is a specialist position that knows the various platforms inside out and knows how to get the very best return on investment and optimize campaigns based on results. This person must be good in data, predictive analytics and know what kinds of digital content on which platform performers the best and for which markets.

Social Media Specialist

This person should have experience building a community of useful followers around individuals and brands.

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