Sales leads are coming. Get ready.

Sales Team Development

Prepare your organization for an endless flow of new sales leads. We will build a sales team for your firm that stays, sells, and succeeds.

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In-House Sales Training

Run a Superstar Sales Team

Get Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team

Sales Framework

Implement a proven framework for sales leadership

High-Performance Culture

Build & foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture

Retain Top Producers

Put the right people in the right roles & retain top producers

Sales Coaching

The secret to developing a team of high performers isn’t more training, but better coaching.

Virtual Selling

Engage more prospects and customers, in less time, at a lower cost, while reducing the sales cycle.

1+ Million

Sales Calls

Our partners analyzed over 1M sales call recordings with machine learning to identify what successful salespeople do.


Platform For Remote Sales

Gain critical insights into what’s happening with your remote sales team, your deals, and your market. Integration with your website.


Increase in win rates

Combined with an average 38% reduction in sales cycle length and a 60% average reduction in time ramp your sales team will deliver.

LinkedIn has achieved Revenue Success. David Ellis, Director of Sales at LinkedIn, explains how his team accomplished this using Revenue Intelligence Platform which integrates with Attention Marketing Ecosystem.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 companies and small innovative startups.

Trusted by executives of large Fortune 500 firms and innovative startups.

The largest insurance company in the world maintains aggressive revenue goals thanks to elite level digital performance.


Revenues attributed to digital

Innovative baby crib startup grows to $300 million evaluation due to perfectly executed direct to consumer digital model.



$5 billion-dollar company outsmarts its smaller competitors in their own game and dominates 1st page of Google – for free.


Partnership with Attention

Digital solutions for the USA’s most influential civil rights organization fighting for social change, led by legendary Jesse Jackson.


Increase in traffic

$6+ billion financial mortgage giant with probably the largest digital marketing budget in the history of financial services.

± $2 Million

Paid Search/Per Month

Small Serbian energy firm completely dominates Serbian Internet and lead generation for green energy – in less than 8 months!


New users per month

Maximize Internet Leads!

Your sales team needs to be ready to properly process, respond, and close new leads we will generate for you. We will train your existing sales team on how to maximize the new reality of rapid business growth and not miss any opportunities.

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