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Google Analytics Customization

Unlock the power of Google Analytics to improve your results from online marketing. We will customize GA and use it to proactively increase visits, leads, and sales for your business.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Most businesses now rely on Google Analytics to review the effectiveness of their online marketing. We love GA! It’s a fantastic tool, particularly for a free service, and has many, many options to configure it. We see our clients sometimes paying for analytical tools, but we prefer to stick with Google Analytics and money saved for paying for other tools we invest into paid search.

While reviewing the Google Analytics usage and setup of our clients, we often see that there is a HUGE missed opportunity in how Google Analytics is used.

First, although many marketing departments have a good, basic understanding of how Google Analytics. But, we often find that the setup has not been customized for their business to show the true value that online marketing activities are contributing.

Second, although it may be used to review trends in visits, leads, and sales, its power is often NOT used in an analytical way to review media investments and make changes to customer journeys, design, and messaging to increase leads and sales, ironic really, considering the name.

Create a winning Google Analytics strategy

At Attention Interactive, we believe in the power of using data-driven marketing to continuously review and improve online marketing.

Although Google Analytics is easy to use and has many reports, Google doesn’t tell you how to use it to improve your online marketing. You have to know the right questions to ask and where to find the answers.

The service we offer properly audits, sets up, and customizes Google Analytics professionally. We then continuously use it to review the success of your online marketing and where you can improve your website by identifying “quick wins” or more major redesign elements. Our experienced Google Analytics consultants who use Google Analytics every day and know all the tricks are great value-added consultants at your side.

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