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Reaching Generation Z

The most Internet-dependent generation in history presents opportunities and challenges for today’s brands.
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Gen Z’s identity and digital are inextricably linked. Across nearly every category measured, Gen Z’s behavior shows more expansive online involvement with higher expectations around digital experiences.

This generation spends more time connected to the web than any other generation and by their own admission, they are the most dependent on it.

The attributes of trust, sharing, and authenticity in the digital world are all key components of Gen Z’s overall identity. To reach these digital pioneers, we must create digital experiences that allow Gen Z to be creative, engage on a personal level, and most importantly, be themselves.


Exploring the way Gen Z is influenced by the digital world, as well as how they influence the rest of us, is a study of their digital identity in action. Looking at Gen Z from an economic perspective, this massive segment of consumers already represents an estimated global buying power of $150 billion.

However, this generation is not only highly attuned to how they spend money but also how they make it, and they have a shrewd sense of the business world as a digital-first generation.

They are the most likely generation to start a business and the only generation whose first business would be in technology. They expect personalization in the products they buy and they have high standards for the brands they support. Gen Z understands the number of choices they have at their fingertips, and they will choose products and brands that fit their needs and meet them on their terms, not the other way around. Brand loyalty won’t sustain itself for Gen Z, you must continually earn their business.

Living Online

Daily life is inherently connected to the Internet for Gen Z.

Marketing to Generation Z

Be entertaining, be authentic, be good.