If your organization is lucky to start receiving incredible amounts of traffic and new leads and sales, the desire to understand what is going on may lead to analysis paralysis. The problem refers to over-analyzing of data recorded by platforms such as Google Analytics to the point that so much time is wasted that when the analysis is complete, whatever was being evaluated has become already irrelevant.

Analysis can lead to so many options that enterprises can’t make up their minds on what should be done. Analysis in most instances simply takes too long to be valuable. Data nerds will almost always disagree, but many times instead of paying a data analytics person to analyze something, you may achieve new sales by putting that money into experimental advertising in some other channel and find new riches…or fail and learn something new.

See, social media tools, strategies, and tactics come and go. Online platforms constantly evolve.

The important thing to understand about data analysis in an ever-evolving niche like content marketing or digital advertising is to do just enough to have a feeling of what may potentially work. 70% of our clients have amazingly efficient digital marketing campaigns with that approach. The other 30% are so demanding and don’t accept this approach – they demand data analysts on their accounts.

We are not against analysis. We do lots of it. We are against analysis that takes forever to do and leads to paralysis.

Published On: March 10th, 2021 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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