Because human brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than they do text, an important component of properly integrated websites and ads with the rest of the digital marketing ecosystem is designed. It is visual design, not the textual words, that build trust online. Yes, you have heard that “content is king”, but this is useful in other areas and this article is not about that. Words matter, especially for SEO, but it is the strength of the visuals with appropriate colors and meaning of visual elements that will get your CTR up. If you want the average online consumer to actually read what you write, you actually need to focus on strategic and meaningful design.

Successful websites and landing pages should grab attention quickly by matching the content of the source’s call to action button. Sending the user who clicked on the ad to the homepage, instead of to the properly crafted landing page, in many instances delivers lower conversion rates. Professional writers agree it is a lot harder to write short copy than long and special focus should be placed on this important part as well. The navigation bar should be removed from all landing pages to minimize distractions. Even though there is no exact formula to developing a perfecting landing page, through routine A/B testing such a goal can be achieved.

Calls to action should be strategically placed and words like “Register” or “Subscribe” should be avoided. Better words to use are “Unlock” or “View Now” for example.

How many seconds do you have to keep users’ attention on your website? Today, researchers say you have 8 seconds – which is 4 seconds less than just a decade ago. This means you have to use a simple design, simple text and don’t overcomplicate and get too creative. Consumer-facing reviews should be used instead of BBB credentials. This and many other cues create an atmosphere of trust and trust is why people buy. Building digital trust is still building trust.


Published On: November 27th, 2020 / Categories: Design /

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