Google Analytics data from a particular client from a particular industry is the only way to evaluate the performance of the marketing agency. In today’s world of many marketing agencies claiming they are the best in certain things, an entire industry of “agency awards” was created where, for a fee, agencies can submit their work and get the award.  These awards are then posted on agency websites and the purpose is to impress new clients and help clients figure out if the particular agency will be able to bring them return-on-marketing investment and results they seek.

In the cutting-edge, front-line of digital marketing, where serious advertising money is spent, these awards don’t matter. The only thing that matters is the actual performance of the agency on behalf of the client and if the client’s business is growing or not. Posting awards from dozens of online award services will not help clients answer that question. Past performance data will.

Google Analytics verifiable revenue is revenue you see in Google Analytics dashboard for a particular client. If a client comes from the e-commerce world, numbers are pretty accurate as they reflect exact prices of products sold on the website. However, on lead generation websites, each lead carries a different value as different leads (customers) buy different services. In those cases, we calculate an average closed lead value for a specific type of lead for a specific customer and then divide the total revenue generated by the closed leads by the total number of leased closed.  To achieve this successfully, the second metric is needed which is close rate and that metric represents the percent of total leads turned into customers. Average closed lead value is not available in Google Analytics as our marketing ecosystem requires clients to use different types of CRM so we import it from the CRM such as HubSpot for example.

At Attention Interactive, we use data to show us where to go. We are measured by the revenues and growth we bring to our clients.  We invite other clients and agencies to show us the performance of their campaigns and what they have done with their clients and despite all these paid awards and self-celebrations of excellence, the bottom results are of most digital marketing campaigns are usually very poor.

Published On: March 30th, 2019 / Categories: Analytics /

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