Are you hitting a brick wall with your Adwords campaigns? Maybe you’ve been running Adwords for a while now but you can’t seem to improve your Click Through Rates or lower Cost Per Clicks.

If only you could get someone to review your work and make suggestions for improvement.

Well with the Google Adwords Account Audit you now have a fresh set of eyes audit your Adwords account and start making improvements for higher CTR, lower CPC and increase conversions.

Our consultants are Google Adwords Certified Professional and a PPC hired guns. We have ran campaigns for clients all around the world and we know what best practices to implement and increase your Adwrods ROI.

What can I expect?

– Audit of Campaign Structure & Targeting
– Overall quality score analysis & suggestions on how to improve it
– Audit of keywords usage (head and tail terms) as well as negative keywords
– Audit of Ad Copy, Wording and Relevance
– Audit of landing page & display URLs
– Insights on best and worst performing ad groups which need your attention