Many business ideas end up to be a waste of time and money due to insufficient demand or failure to accurately research customer desire. Many passionate entrepreneurs think they know exactly what their customers will want, but unfortunately, be totally wrong. This is why all new business ideas should be supported by data before you put your money and time into them.

It is crucial to know if there is adequate demand for your new product/service, how users will be looking for it on the Internet and to which marketing methods they will respond the best before you invest time and money into development.

Traditionally businesses have been organizing and paying for focus groups to figure out demand and refine early details of a marketing strategy, but focus groups are very costly propositions, especially for smaller businesses or startups. The best cost-effective alternative to focus groups is idea testing via Google Ads. Proper Google Ads setup for idea testing will discover demand volume and get an in-depth insight into how to best market your new product or service.

What is Internet business idea testing?

Internet business idea testing looks at different elements of your business model structure and sets up tests around it. It breaks down tests into various phases of market testing. The first phase is to assess demand for a product and then focus on the audiences to zoom into details which can contain a wealth of data such as:

  • How did users who entered the test find the product
  • What marketing strategies could be the most effective in our sample group

Conducting limited-term tests in the live market through properly set up Google Ads which drive instant traffic to your product/service pages, allows you to gauge the potential viability of your idea before proceeding into development and launch, dramatically reducing risk and saving you time and money.

Investigate initial demand with Google Ads

Before testing the specifics of your new idea, you need to validate the big picture first and establish the rough size of the current market for your new product or service. If your Internet test reveals there is no demand or very little demand, it will be much harder and costlier to get the idea of the ground.