It’s not easy to build an online store that is both beautiful and functional – and there is no one who knows this better than Verne Ho.

Director of Design at Shopify, photographer, Instagram star, wordsmith, and all-around inspirational guy, Verne has made quite the name for himself in the world of design.

Once a freelancing creative and founder of his own design studio, today Verne regularly pumps out thought-provoking pieces for websites like Medium, and speaks at a mix of events and conferences throughout the year.

But it’s Verne’s daily work that drives him to the intersection of ecommerce and design – which is why we asked him to be one of our four judges for this year’s Ecommerce Design Awards. Who better to select visionaries taking ecommerce design to new heights than someone who regularly redefines the way people sell online?

With design inspiration in mind, we sat down with Verne to discuss his methods, muses, and any sage morsels of advice he might have for young designers.

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