It can be a daunting sentence for ecommerce merchants: “Buy one, get one free.”

Offering promotions to clients helps drive traffic and create loyalty among customers, but figuring out the most effective and efficient way to hand out these rewards, especially for large merchants, can be a challenge.

Your role as a web developer is to make these incredibly important promotions affordable, simple to use, and built in a way that doesn’t slow down a merchant’s online store.

That’s why when a Shopify Plus customer recently approached me with their problems running promotions, I knew they’d make a good fit for Shopify’s new Scripts feature.

Scripts are micro-customizations that let you write your own code to address the complex needs of enterprise-level merchants. Unlike apps, Scripts run custom code on Shopify’s servers – letting you focus on delighting your clients without having to worry about a lot of support or maintenance headaches.

Because Scripts run within Shopify’s environment, they also have the advantage of achieving tasks without resorting to workarounds that can lead to even larger headaches elsewhere.

The catch with using cutting edge tools is that resources can be scarce in the early days; that’s why today I’m going to walk you through how I helped Plus merchant Evy’s Tree tackle their promotion problems using Shopify Scripts.

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