If you’re trying to get potential customers to pay attention to your store — or repeat customers to come back — your thoughts will naturally gravitate toward a sale. And why not? Promotions make you look generous while making shoppers more likely to buy.

Simple sales and 10% off coupon codes aren’t always what visitors to your store are expecting, however. Sometimes you need to think outside of the box and try creative strategies to get those sales to work.

Let’s take a look at different types of WooCommerce sales promotions you can try in your online store. We will also cover some WooCommerce extensions that make them possible.


Coupon codes are a common marketing tactic for stores both new and old. But without proper planning and analysis, they can result in losses, confused customers, and frustration for your team.

Here are a few smarter ways to run sales with coupons.

Create a coupon to save on orders a bit higher than the average

One common mistake that store owners make is creating coupon codes that apply to any and all orders (like “15% off all purchases”). For some stores, this is fine, but for others, this can be a margin-killer.

The smarter approach here is to make a coupon that only works on orders a little higher than your average order value (or AOV). So if most customers order $40 worth of products, the coupon should only take 15% off at the $50 mark. This saves your margins and encourages customers to buy more to get that discounts.

Want to make this happen? This is where WooCommerce’s “Swiss Army knife” of coupon extensions, Smart Coupons, comes into play. With Smart Coupons, you can not only set up this coupon, but also make it automatically display for shoppers at checkout when their order total has reached the appropriate threshold.

woo-commerce-couponsAvailable coupons can be shown at checkout and applied only when the shopping cart meets your pre-selected criteria.

Smart Coupons has tons of features packed into it, with the coupon display and in-cart application being just one. If your goal is to get smarter about creating and offering coupons, this is the very first extension you should try.

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